5 Different Perspectives in Business Analysis

Agile, BI, IT, BA and BPM: understand these five Business Analysis perspectives.

Erivan Ramos
3 min readOct 28, 2020


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Business Analysis is extensive and varies across many disciplines or scenarios. The BABOK Guide v3 nominates it perspectives and highlights five ones that nowadays reflect the most common views of Business Analysis: Agile, Business Intelligence (BI), Information Technology (IT), Business Architecture (BA), Business Process Management (BPM). Understand more about these five perspectives below.

Agile Perspective

Agile comprises the approach used to discover requirements and develop solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organized, cross-functional teams and business stakeholders. It recommends adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement and encourages flexible responses to change.

As explained by The BABOK Guide v3, because initiatives that adopt Agile approach involves constant changes, when working in an Agile environment, Business Analysts need to be constantly assessing, adapting and adjusting their efforts and tactics. It involves delivering work products that are flexible for changing and just in time (not too ahead or not too late) to be effectively used by the team.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Perspective

BI includes all the strategies and technologies used by the company to analyze business information data (such as historical, current and predictive insights of operations, reports, online analytical processing, analysis, dashboard development, data mining, process mining, process management business performance, benchmarking, etc.). BI strategies and technologies allow the business to interpret its data, identify new opportunities and implement strategies.

The BABOK Guide v3 defines that this perspective highlights the Business Analysis’ characteristics in transforming, integrating and enhancing data to support the business decision making.




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